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Burrowing Owl Occurrence

Tree Use by American Beaver

Flora of South Central Nebraska

Urban and Semi-rural Wildlife

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Indices of Raptor Abundance

Raptor Sex Ratios

Raptor Morphology

Invasive Garlic Mustard

Natural History of Morels

Immune Response Protein Adducts

Ethanol Metabolism and Liver Functions

EPAS1/HIF1a Activation During Hypoxia

System A Amino Acid Transport

Role of Amino Acids in Liver Regeneration

Galacturonic Acid Uptake

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annual sunflower

Flora of South Central Nebraska

Summary: The diversity of plants, animals and fungi in central Nebraska is impressive. As my young son noted on a hike, this may be the only place one can find scouring reed and prickly pear within a few steps of each other.

Additional Information:

A listing of common plants in the region with photographs can be found here

Related work at the Fort Calhoun site describing the distribution of woody vegetation and other plants, paper.