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garlic mustard flowers

Garlic Mustard as an Invasive Plant

Summary: Garlic Mustard has steadily invaded the under-story of North American Forests, but the dynamics of the long-term invasion by this species has not been thoroughly studied. Invasion by Garlic Mustard has been correlated with changes in soil bacteria composition, with inhibition of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and with complex alteration of plant communities. The purpose of this study is to monitor and quantitatively measure the invasion of Garlic Mustard into forested areas of eastern Nebraska.

Additional Information:

Paper published in the North American Prairie Conference, garlic mustard pdf

Garlic mustard infestation photoed in the spring.

garlic mustard infestation in spring

Study site before garlic mustard (left) and after complete invasion (right). Photo taken in June-July after garlic mustard has set seeds.