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Indices of Raptor Abundance

Raptor Sex Ratios

Raptor Morphology

Invasive Garlic Mustard

Natural History of Morels

Immune Response Protein Adducts

Ethanol Metabolism and Liver Functions

EPAS1/HIF1a Activation During Hypoxia

System A Amino Acid Transport

Role of Amino Acids in Liver Regeneration

Galacturonic Acid Uptake

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Student with large female red-tailed hawk

Student with very large adult female red-tail hawk (1500+ grams.)

Red-tailed Hawk Gender Ratios in Central Nebraska (Buffalo, Co.)

Summary: Project involves investigating the ratio of male to female red-tailed hawks wintering in central Nebraska. Unlike American kestels, which can be assigned a gender based on appearance, red-tailed hawks are essentially identical in the appearance of their plumage. However, females are significantly larger than males, so gender can be determined by morphological measurements which necessitates capture of the hawks.

Taking the weight of a trapped raptor.

Students measuring the mass of a tapped red-tailed hawk.

Juvinile red-tailed hawk.

Student with a juvinile red-tailed hawk. Note lack of red tail and yellow eyes.

Release of raptor.

Releasing of red-tailed hawk after taking measurements in the field.