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Burrowing Owl Occurrence

Tree Use by American Beaver

Flora of South Central Nebraska

Urban and Semi-rural Wildlife

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Indices of Raptor Abundance

Raptor Sex Ratios

Raptor Morphology

Invasive Garlic Mustard

Natural History of Morels

Immune Response Protein Adducts

Ethanol Metabolism and Liver Functions

EPAS1/HIF1a Activation During Hypoxia

System A Amino Acid Transport

Role of Amino Acids in Liver Regeneration

Galacturonic Acid Uptake

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Student with red-tailed hawk.

Student with adult red-tailed hawk.

Morphology and Condition Indices of Raptors in Central Nebraska

Summary: Study is directed at evaluating the change in condition of diurnal birds of prey while wintering in central Nebraska.

The mobile morphology lab (joke, me and my sons with the anchient 1993 Explorer).

Measuring the culmen length.

Measuring the length of the culmen (beak).

Measuring the tail length.

Measuring the length of the tail.

Measuring the tarsus depth.

Measuring the depth of the tarsus.

Taking the wing chord measurement.

Measuring a segment of the wing length (wing chord).

Student releasing an American kestrel.

Student about to release an American kestrel (wore gloves as they tend to bite).