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Flora of South Central Nebraska

Urban and Semi-rural Wildlife

Indices of Raptor Abundance

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Raptor Sex Ratios

Raptor Morphology

Immune Response Protein Adducts

Invasive Garlic Mustard

Natural History of Morels

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Example lectures from a few distance (online) courses that I teach. I designed the interface to make up for some shortcomings of the learning platform, such as small disk quotas and inability to cope well with video. Note that lectures are only a part of any distance courses with students completing additional work that may include textbook readings, assigned primary literature, term papers, discussion groups, quizzes, exams, mini-assignments and other assignments to develop functional skills and emphasize basic knowledge. Note that some links may have been disabled for the example lectures.

Also, example lectures are limited to presentations without any third party copyright issues. In other words, I am not able to freely display lectures containing copyrighted images from textbooks without permission, because fair use standards are restricted to students actively enrolled in courses taught at accredited non-profit educational organizations.

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Example lectures from Introduction to Graduate Study

Etiquette In the Digital World

Scope of Research Projects: Online vs. On Campus

What is Science?

Example Anatomy and Physiology Lectures

Overview of the Skeleton

Features of the Axial Skeleton

Features of the Appendicular Skeleton

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