Howdy, welcome to Thomas Freeman's Portal

Courses are multi-session videos that provide an introduction to a field of inquiry or take a deep dive into the specifics of a fairly narrow aspect of a subject. Frequently, supplementary resources are available such as textbooks and exercises. My courses may either be free or provided on a pay to view platform.

Tutorials are short single session videos designed to provide either a quick answer or rapid introduction to a topic. The idea is to provide a short session that promotes solving a problem or answering a question.

Stories are a collection of writings that folks may find entertaining. Mostly, these are fiction and provided free, as part of a service (such as Kindle Vella) or as a physical book for purchase. My current writing pokes fun at the idea of the "stoned ape" concept of human evolution.

The blog is a collection of opinions and short essays. I have a much experience in higher education, so this is a popular subject on the blog but other interests and social commentary may be the subject of a short essay.