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Current Projects:

Burrowing Owl Occurrence

Tree Use by American Beaver

Flora of South Central Nebraska

Urban and Semi-rural Wildlife

Depreciated Projects:

Indices of Raptor Abundance

Raptor Sex Ratios

Raptor Morphology

Invasive Garlic Mustard

Natural History of Morels

Immune Response Protein Adducts

Ethanol Metabolism and Liver Functions

EPAS1/HIF1a Activation During Hypoxia

System A Amino Acid Transport

Role of Amino Acids in Liver Regeneration

Galacturonic Acid Uptake

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Thomas L. Freeman, Ph.D.

Thomas L. Freeman, Ph.D.

Tree Use by Beaver
Bert-Bert, our cat
Boys taller than dad

Diamond, Lecture02, Skeletal System, 10:54-42:00

Diamond, Lecture03, Skeletal System, 11:35-51:08

Diamond, Lecture04, Skeletal System, 00:20-48:26

Diamond, Lecture05, Skeletal System, 00:20-46:05

Diamond, Lecture06, Skeletal System, 00:20-52:05

Diamond, Lecture07 (optional-tissues), Skeletal System, 00:30-52:31

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